FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions that have not been answered by the information on this page or elsewhere on our website? Feel free to contact us at any time with your enquiry—we are happy to help!

1. What is 5travellers.com?
5travellers.com is the main website, online booking portal, and trading name of 5travellers Hospitality Private Limited. Our registered office is located at 139, Lower ground floor, Mohammadpur, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066, India. 5travellers.com is a locally operated travel agency specialising in outbound tourism across the globe. Our company is fully licensed by the government of India.

2. Is 5travellers.com a secure site?
5travellers.com is a secure site. We have taken every potential measure to protect and prevent any loss of data on this site. Financial information is protected by SSL encryption in transmission and data gathered on users is stored and backed up on secure service protected by the best firewalls available. All information we receive from you is regulated by our privacy policy.

3. Where is 5travellers.com located?
5travellers.com has local offices in New Delhi, India. We are fully licensed in India and follow every travel industry regulation set by the government.

Head office
139, Lower Ground Floor
Mohammadpur, Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi-110066, India
Tel: +91 011 41708881

4. How can I contact 5travellers.com?
5travellers.com aims to answer all enquiries within 24 hours. You can contact us through email or call our customer support line to talk to one of our friendly travel consultants.

5. What are 5travellers.com business hours?
Our business hours are from 9.30 A.M. to 6.00 P.M (Monday - Saturday) for general enquiries. In case of emergencies, we offer our customers a 24-hour help line during their stay.

6. Who organizes the travel arrangements on this website?
Everything you see on this site—all services and packages—are created and managed by 5travellers.com. We organise all the travel arrangements in close cooperation with the very best local providers in each of our destinations.

7. How does the booking process work?
When you are ready to book, click “BLOCK NOW” in the package page. Then complete the online blocking form and click “SUBMIT”. Finally, you will see a page that indicates that we have received your order.

We accept payment by credit card and electronic bank transfer. Please note that our payment terms vary according to package type and arrival date—for details, please contact us.

After you have submitted your blocking details on our website, a travel consultant will review the blocking details and send you a confirmation email within 48 hours.

Once your booking has been confirmed, 5travellers.com will issue a pro-forma invoice and vouchers for all your travel arrangements. Please note that your travel documents will not be delivered to you until the full payment has been received. You will receive your travel documents either by post or email.

Please note: if the travel consultant is unable to obtain confirmation at the time of booking, an alternative will be offered. If you do not accept the alternative or 5travellers.com is not able to offer you an alternative, no charge will be made on your credit/debit card.

8. How far in advance should I book?
All travel arrangements should be booked at least 48 hours in advance. For holiday packages and custom-made tours, we strongly recommend booking with at least three weeks’ notice. For larger groups we recommend booking with a few months’ notice. Advance booking gives us a better chance to reserve the very best choices of accommodation for you.

9. How can I pay for my booking?
We accept all major credit cards. We also allow you to pay by electronic bank transfer. Our site is securely encrypted and all financial transactions are protected by the best firewalls available.

10. When is my credit card charged?
Your credit card will be charged a certain amount at the time of booking, soon after confirming the availability of your package. Whether you pay the full amount immediately or a deposit payment (20% or 50% of the total amount) will depend on (1) the type of package you book, (2) how far in advance you book it and (3) if you are redeeming a special offer. For more details about this, please feel free to contact us.

If you pay a deposit at the time of booking, the remaining amount in most cases will be charged one month before your departure. (In case the payment is due earlier, it will be explained in the package details.) Please note that we charge the same credit card as used for the deposit payment—if you wish to change cards, please contact your travel consultant.

All payment receipts are issued by email.

11. What currencies do you charge in?
5travellers.com prices all Indian holiday packages in Indian National Rupee; please visit the Reserve Bank of India website for the most current exchange rates. (Please note that for customers paying by bank transfer, we cannot accept any currency exchange rate other than what is issued by the Reserve Bank of India.)
For all other destinations, we price our holiday packages in US Dollar.

12. What happens if I need to change or cancel my tour?
Please contact us as soon as possible if you must change or cancel your travel plans. Cancellation requests must be submitted to us in writing—by letter, fax, or e-mail. We regret that we are unable to issue a full refund for cancellations. The cancellation fee generally depends on the length of notice, type of booking, and refund policies of our local providers. For more information, please refer to our policy on cancellations at our cancellation policy page.

13. What if one of my scheduled activities is cancelled due to weather conditions?
In the event that a scheduled activity during your stay is cancelled due to weather conditions, we will offer alternatives at no additional costs. Please contact your travel consultant as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements.

14. When do I receive my travel vouchers?
Most of our customers choose to have their travel documents on email or either during an information meeting with a travel consultant at our office. If you prefer to have them shipped to you, we will send them 48 hours before the package start date by post but only after the full payment has been received.

15. Do you offer a discount for children?
We offer discounts for children for most tourist services published on this site. The discount depends on the age of the child and on the type of service being offered. Please contact us for further information.

16. What happens if I have an emergency during my stay?
We offer all our customers a 24-hour help line during their stay in the event of an emergency.

17. Why aren’t flights included in most vacation packages?
We definitely do it, but in case of DEPARTURES only; otherwise 5travellers.com does not arrange airfare to or from our destinations because it is generally cheaper for you to book your flights directly with the airlines. This also allows you to take advantage of the airlines’ miles or frequent flyer programs. We recommend that you contact the airlines directly for information about flights and bookings. However, if you need advice, our travel consultants can help. In some cases, we can book airfare for you at an additional surcharge.

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